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About Culinary Careers

Food isn’t just something human beings need to survive, but it also can be one of life’s greatest pleasures and most decadent indulgences. This is, if someone prepares the right food, while also having the proper training and taste for flavor. Culinary arts careers cover every facet of the food industry. Whether you want to work in the kitchen, design you own restaurant, or run a catering business, a culinary arts career suites your taste perfectly.

There are many different culinary arts careers that can be pursued through a culinary arts degree. Sous Chefs and Pastry Chefs generally need a two year associates degree, and sometimes a four-year bachelors degree along with extensive kitchen and cooking experience. Cook and food prep workers often start out with no official degrees and just basic certifications. However, they are encouraged by industry professionals to obtain culinary arts degrees if they would like to advance in their fields. Food service managers and caterers usually have associates, or even bachelors and masters degrees in hospitality, hotel management or business. Both in-kitchen and management positions are forecasted to grow at a 5%-6% annual rate for the next several years. Even better, just think about the many locations worldwide you could place yourself with the right credentials and experience.

Although culinary arts careers are best served through hands-on and on-the-job practice, culinary arts degrees have become essential components of a professional’s portfolio. Many employers place as much value in the pedigree as they do in the presentation of dishes. This is why it is important for aspiring industry professionals to pursue culinary arts degrees along with obtaining extensive field experience. Many of the thousands of online and on campus colleges and universities nationwide offer culinary arts degrees, as well as accompanying programs in hospitality, hotel management and business. There is no better way to express your creativity while providing people with delicious and delectable delicacies than to pursue a culinary arts career. You might even be the next Gordon Ramsay or Anthony Bourdain—so follow your heart, and obey your stomach in order to find your success!