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Information Tech

Information Technology, or IT, affects nearly every aspect of modern life. IT systems facilitate everything from driving cars and paying for groceries, to launching satellites and defending national security. The IT industry employs over 2 million people to maintain networks, create new software, and ensure information security—a figure that keeps growing annually. After all, the more the world moves toward digital and App-based interaction and commerce, the more IT professionals are needed to help ensure it gets there safely, securely, seamlessly and speedily too. If you enjoy working with the latest technology, and knowing your work helps create a more integrated, easy life for others, then an Information Technology career is perfect for you.

Health Care

Healthcare touches nearly everyone at some point. From infants to senior citizens, the healthcare industry facilitates specialized care that allows the people of the United States to enjoy unparalleled health, happiness and quality-of-life throughout its many phases. The healthcare industry accounts for almost two billion dollars in annual revenue—making it one of the heartiest contributors to the American economy. With almost one million health care companies tackling everything including disease, diet, physical therapy, research and development vaccines, as well as general health and wellness practices, the need for qualified, competent healthcare technicians and professionals is growing exponentially. If you enjoy helping others heal and live healthier, happier lives, then a healthcare industry career is perfect for you.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice careers in law enforcement and correctional fields include bailiffs, border patrol agents, bounty hunters, corrections officers, crime scene investigators, criminal profilers, criminologists, customs agents, federal special agents, game wardens, law enforcement officers, parole and probation officers, military police officers, police detectives, privateinvestigators, security officer, sociologist, substance abuse counselors, and transportation security administration officers. Careers in the legal system include prosecutors and defense attorneys, court reporters, judges and paralegals. Of course, no one becomes a judge right away, but earns the position after years as an attorney.


To save one life makes you a hero, but a thousand makes you a nurse…and to compassionately and competently care for others during their weakest and most vulnerable times is the noblest calling anyone can ever hope to heed. Careers in nursing have always been righteous and respectable, but never before have they been in demand at the rate they are presently—nor have they come with the various advancement opportunities now accompanying traditional expectations. In addition to caring for patients in clinical settings, nurses write and publish, actively promote health and wellness education, lobby and influence health care legislation, and use their education and expertise to positively change health care delivery systems.

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There are so many degree programs and applicable career paths available today that rest assured no matter what your career dream or life’s goal is, there is a school that can help open up a pathway to both. College is forum for learning, growth and betterment, both a journey and a destination—not to mention a place where you can take your passion and transform it into a tangible reality. Discover the career path you want to pursue by finding the right college to help get you there.

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It is common knowledge that higher education equals greater income potential. A college graduate earns at least 33% more annually than a high school graduate. This income disparity increases the more schooling someone has under his or her belt. Because the job market continues to become more specialized and competitive, college degree holders are highly desired by employers. Additionally, a well-rounded college education also breeds the life-skills and understandings necessary to succeed in an increasingly interconnected and dependent global society.

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There are over 4,000 post-secondary education options in the United States today. These include two-year colleges and four-year universities, specialty and postgraduate programs, as well as public, private, non-profit or for-profit institutions—all of which offer physical campus or online learning forums and flexible, customized degree options. Whether you want to venture far and away, or remain close to home, there is a school in your area that provides a degree program to suit your tastes, and to help accelerate your chosen career path.