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Do you have a mind that excels in visualizing, creating and executing plans, proposals and programs benefitting the strength and vitality of the American economy? If so, then going to work in one of the many prosperous careers in business is your inherent strong suit.

Criminal Justice

Do you have an interest in promoting law, order, liberty, justice, security and safety for the citizens of the United States and the world-at-large? If so, then deciding upon one of the many essential careers in criminal justice is the right thing to do for yourself and your fellow citizenry.

Information Technology

Do you speak the language of cutting-edge computerized technology, innovation and ingenuity? If so, then choosing one of the many growing careers in information technology speaks to you in terms you can understand, so you can help digitize the world for operational ease-of-use.


Do you have a dedicated, caring and compassionate spirit that can only be satisfied by helping people overcome their most vulnerable trials and times? If so, then embarking on one of the many vitally important careers in nursing is exactly what the doctor ordered.


Do you have a distinct knack for law, order, justice, organization and attention to detail? If so, then pursuing one of the many essential careers in paralegal and legal assistance can help you to help the justice system, as well as those within it, keep society running smoothly and safely.

Art and Design

Do you have a passion for nurturing you inner artist or creative genius as it cries out to paint the world in vivid detail? If so, then you are ready to bring your colorful imagination out into and onto the canvas of society by pursuing one of the many fun careers in art and design.

Health Care

Do you want to work in an industry that is responsible for increasing the quality of life, health, happiness and wellness of people worldwide? If so, then pursuing one of the many fulfilling careers in healthcare can help you to help many other people live better, longer and more educated lives.

Career Training

Do you have a career that requires specialized technical training in order to advance, or are you looking to join a field with specific vocational requirements for participation? If so, then undertaking in a career training program can help get you started, or going farther than ever before.

Liberal Arts

Do you desire a more creative, congruent and emotionally intelligent global society for the current and coming generations of people the world over? If so, then making the choice to embark on one of the many promising careers in liberal arts is exactly what you have been looking for.

Education and Teaching

Do you excel at helping people learn, grow, as well as better understand the world-at-large while finding their unique place in it? If so, then pursuing one of the many rewarding careers in education and teaching is your gift, calling and pedagogical mission all at the same time.

Social Science Psychology

Do you enjoy learning about civilizations past and present, understanding human behavior, and helping people better their lives through theory and practice alike? If so, then choosing one of the many satisfying careers in social science and psychology is a great choice to make.

Science Math Engineering

Do you envision yourself utilizing the latest technologies to provide a more connected and congruent global society for the citizens of today and tomorrow? If so, then one of the important careers in science, technology, engineering and math is the perfect equation for you.

Religious Studies

Do you have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, learning, and understanding modern and ancient people, places, cultures and religions different from your own? If so, then one of the enlightening careers in religious studies will help you discover your professional salvation inside and out.


Do you revel in your creative expression where preparing food, presenting dishes, managing kitchens and restaurants, or providing hospitality services to a diverse array of people? If so, then one of the exciting careers in culinary arts is the main course on your life’s menu.


Do you have a passion for helping to educate people, as well as advocate for and facilitate the health, wellness and happiness for animals of all sizes and species? If so, then one of the fulfilling careers in veterinary medicine is purrrrfect for you in every way, shape and form.