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About Social Science and Psychology Careers

The social sciences, also known as the humanities, explore the similarities between, and uniquities of every culture throughout human history. Careers in social science span every era and epoch, from modern day civilizations to ancient cultures. Social scientists research and explain human behavior, cultural norms, and value adding activities people participate in that enrich their lives. Many careers in social science, as well as corresponding social science degrees, also fall under the umbrella of the liberal arts

Careers in social science include anthropologists, archaeologists, sociologists, educators, oceanographers, geographers, curators, college professors, writers, historians, linguists, statisticians and economists. The fastest growing field in social science is psychology. Psychologists conduct research on human behavior, and also work with people in order to help them understand in some cases, overcome limiting or damaging behaviors. Psychologists can work for universities, hospitals, non-profit organizations, private companies and corporations, social service agencies, elementary and high schools, and even professional sports teams. Just like the liberal arts, social sciences and humanities in general, psychologists study the world-at-large, as well as human behavior within the world, in order to help create happier, healthier and more successful individuals and societies alike.

Careers in social science and psychology require social science degrees, as well as specialized certifications in some cases. The ever evolving nature of society and human consciousness is helping fuel a steady demand for careers in social science and psychology, which means the need for qualified social science and psychology degree holders to fill these positions. Specifically, psychology careers are growing at faster rate than the average career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Psychologists will have a Job Outlook growth of 14% from 2016 to 2026 (see here). Many of the online and on campus colleges and universities nationwide offer associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate social science and psychology degree programs. If you enjoy studying and understanding human behavior past and present, as well as the world-at-large, then one of the many careers in social science and psychology will suit you wonderfully.

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