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About Criminal Justice Careers

The criminal justice system upholds the laws that serve as the framework for American society. It protects the nation's citizens, prosecutes lawbreakers, and punishes those who are found guilty of a crime. The field of criminal justice is divided into three main areas: Law enforcement that apprehends and detains suspected criminals, the legal system that tries and sentences the accused, and the correctional system that incarcerates, supervises and reforms those who are convicted of crimes.

Criminal justice careers in law enforcement and correctional fields include bailiffs, border patrol agents, bounty hunters, corrections officers, crime scene investigators, criminal profilers, criminologists, customs agents, federal special agents, game wardens, law enforcement officers, parole and probation officers, military police officers, police detectives, private investigators, security officer, sociologist, substance abuse counselors, and transportation security administration officers. Careers in the legal system include prosecutors and defense attorneys, court reporters, judges and paralegals. Of course, no one becomes a judge right away, but earns the position after years as an attorney. Local, state and federal agencies and authorities hire reliable and educated candidates to fill all of these important, essential positions that help keep America safe.

The employment prospects for many of these fields steadily grow at rates of over 10% annually. This makes now the perfect time to embark on a criminal justice career by choosing a criminal justice degree program to help prepare you for whatever industry you choose. There are one-year certificate programs, two-year associate degree programs, and four-year bachelor’s degree programs depending on the field you choose. Those who wish to advance their careers can also pursue master’s or doctoral degrees. Many of the thousands of colleges and universities across the country offer both on campus and online programs at every level. By enrolling in a criminal justice degree program, you are taking the first step toward a successful career in an exciting field with unlimited opportunities.

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