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About Career Training

Career training is essential for professions that have certain specific guidelines and protocols for how to go about performing a job successfully and properly. These kinds of professions do not require traditional, multi-disciplinary degrees, or the kind of education you would typically receive at a four-year university. Rather, career training degrees focus thoroughly and comprehensively on the vocational or technical aspects of a specific profession—in order to make sure that graduates are highly qualified to excel in whatever professional field they have chosen to work in.

Some of the more popular vocational and technical career training fields are art, beauty, building and construction, business, automotive maintenance, communications, computer science and information technology, criminal justice and public safety, culinary arts, design, education, engineering, fashion, healthcare, law, human development and psychology, sports and fitness, public service and social work. Sometimes career training consists of a two-year associates degree program, and other times it is a certification course or courses. However, in some fields like education and psychology, career training is in addition to a four-year university degree program—depending, of course and in the case of education for example, on whether or not someone wants to be a certified teacher, or rather a classroom aide/assistant.

Many industries and employers consider vocational and technical training to be essential for cultivating the real world skills necessary for reliability and success in the workforce. Because of this, the popularity of career training degrees and certifications is steadily on the rise, with many vocational and technical jobs experiencing growth of over 25% annually. Various online and on campus schools and universities nationwide offer two-year career training degrees, as well as specialized certifications. If you are a current or future professional in an industry that rewards enhanced career specific education, pursuing a career training degree will greatly help you gain prominence and prosperity in your field.

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