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About Art and Design Careers

The Technicolor palette of human imagination and ingenuity paints the world in brushstrokes that illuminate its beauty, splendor and humanity. Just think about all the facets of human existence that art and design touches. From the look and feel of our living spaces to television shows, movies, advertisements, websites and so much more, people who pursue art and design careers help color the fabric of reality for everyone else to live in.

There are many in-demand and stable art and design careers for creative minds and hearts to choose from. Graphic arts focus on the use of colors and images to convey emotions and feelings, usually for advertising and marketing purposes. Fine arts like calligraphy and painting also convey emotions and feelings, but are usually geared more toward general expression. Fashion design deals with everything from the design and manufacturing of clothing to marketing and purchasing. Animation and motion picture designers create films, television shows, cartoons, and other entertaining or informational moving pictures. Performing artists are visual, with acting, dancing and music being the most prevalent forms. Architecture and physical design include landscape design and construction, urban planning, interior design and anything else related to the creation and refinement of occupied spaces.

Each of the many art and design careers has corresponding art and design degrees and certifications accompanying them. Due to the popularity and therefore, the highly competitive nature of this industry, art and design degrees are just as essential for separating one’s self from the competition, as is a comprehensive portfolio of work. Many of the thousands of online and on campus colleges and universities nationwide offer associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in art and design related fields, as well as various specialized certification programs accompanying them. If you are an artist in mind, body or spirit, and enjoy helping create a brighter and livelier world for others to exist within, then you owe it to yourself to pursue one of the many fun and exciting art and design careers available today.

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