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About Education and Teaching Careers

Good educators help students of every age, race, gender, sex, culture, religion and lifestyle learn, grow and better themselves one step at a time. Education is the backbone of a successful and strong society. Teachers help their students learn to holistically conceptualize our nation and the world—while shaping their places in it through inquiry, discovery and the honing of skillsets essential to making societies, communities, nations and the planet a better place.

The demand for qualified and quality educators has never been greater than it is currently according to NBC News (see article here). This demand stretches throughout all levels of academia from preschool on. However, an area of focus in education is postsecondary, or higher education; administration including superintendents, deans and principals; curricular development, or creating content for educators to teach; school counseling that helps students of all ages through difficult times in their schooling and personal lives; and special education that helps students with unique needs grasp the fundamental concepts essential for success in the classroom and life. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics many of these career paths will see a growth of 7% to 8% from 2016 to 2026. For specific job growth please visit www.bls.gov. They require dedication, empathy, and compassion—as well as a high proficiency in general education, and various other specialized academic fields when applicable.

Careers in education require education degrees and teaching certifications that vary nationally depending upon what state you are looking to teach and work in. Of course, no one starts out their career as a principal, and most curriculum developers were once classroom educators themselves, so it is essential to have a solid foundation in education first and foremost. Most of the thousands of online and on campus colleges and universities nationwide offer associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in education—which employers hold in high esteem when choosing qualified candidates to fill teaching positions. The more education you combine with your classroom experience, the better your chances of rocketing to the top of the profession are. If you enjoy constantly learning, as well as helping people of all ages learn, grow and succeed, then one of the many careers in education is perfect for you.