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About Business Careers

Former President Calvin Coolidge once famously said, “The business of America is business.” Although he uttered these prophetic words almost a century ago, his statement rings just as true today as it did then. After all, a strong economy makes the United States prosper, and businesses make the money that keeps the national economy strong.

Careers in business include opportunities in the fields of accounting, corporate and personal finance, insurance, investment and commercial banking, hedge fund management, real estate, consulting, general management, human resources, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, technology, non-profit, marketing, communications, public relations, advertising, international relations, market research, product management, retail sales, hospitality, healthcare, and the food service industry. When taking into account the incredibly vast array of specialized nuances within these fields, your professional possibilities are endless.

A business degree is a prerequisite for many employers. Gone are the days when an employee could work their way up from the mailroom to the boardroom. Although professional experience and a dedicated work ethic are important characteristics, the increased specificity and technicality of modern-day business makes a college degree equally important. Associates, undergraduate and graduate business degree programs are offered in many of the specific fields listed above. Whether on campus or online, many of the thousands of different educational institutions nationwide have business degree programs.

Choosing the right business degree program is essential for success both in school and upon graduation. Make sure the program you choose offers the specific or specialized program you are interested in pursuing. Also, research the knowledge, experience and business acumen of the faculty, as they will be guiding you through the educational process. Being thorough, informed and responsible will prepare you for professional success throughout your long and prosperous business career.

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